Sensitive Curriculum for Teaching the Holocaust to Middle School Students

In the United States, most student begin learning about the events that took place during the Holocaust in middle school. Teaching about these topics requires a high level of sensitivity and awareness, especially when first introducing the subject to children. A sensitive yet thorough curriculum for teaching the Holocaust to middle schoolers is available to […]

4 Subjects to Contemplate and Study Surrounding the Holocaust

The tragedies that occurred during the Holocaust cannot be forgotten. From this dark period in history, there are plenty of stories about triumph and strength. Holocaust survivor stories are documented in many formats so that future generations can learn and reflect on the events. Here are four ideas people can study from this situation. Values […]

The Importance of Teaching the Events of the Holocaust in High School.

Teaching kids about important events in history is essential to help them better understand the world today. While there are many important moments in world history, one of the most pivotal in modern history is World War II and the resulting Holocaust against European Jews. High school and world history. As students enter high school, […]

Teaching the Holocaust to high Schoolers in an Effective and Comprehensive Way

A dark but vitally important part of history that’s often taught in schools is the Holocaust, a genocide perpetrated by Nazi Germany against European Jews during the second world war. While facts should be presented, there is a delicate way that the subject can be taught so that it’s respectful but also so that students […]

3 Tips to Consider when Teaching the Holocaust to Middleschoolers

There are a plethora of subjects in education that can be tough for teachers to teach, the Holocaust being one of the most notable. Although it is a world-renowned and incredibly important subject, it can be intimidating for students to learn about and understand, and even more so for teachers that have to educate their […]

Teaching the Holocaust With Simple and Effective Online Materials

Events Leading to the Holocaust When you create a custom Holocaust teaching plan for students, an effective way to structure it is to focus on the chronology of important events. For example, you should start the first lesson with some background information on antisemitism in Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries to give proper […]

Using Firsthand Holocaust Learning Tools for Middle Schoolers

Of all the academic years in a child’s life, one of the most transformative is the middle school years. This is because children in middle school have left their elementary school life behind where their focus was on educational basics, expression, communication, and social skill-building. The Importance of Substantive Teaching in Middle School When a […]

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