Use a Holocaust Teaching Plan To Combat Racism and Discrimination

Having the freedom to choose your religion should not be taken for granted. Unfortunately, there are individuals in the world who practice racism, bullying and discrimination against you if you believe a specific way. This problem was highlighted during World War II when the Jews were persecuted. Understanding more about this problem can be done by following a first-hand story of a survivor. He offers a website that provides a Holocaust teaching plan. Learning more about his story may help you understand how discrimination can be combated.

Use Eight Lesson Plans To Learn About the Jewish Persecution During World War II

Using a Holocaust teaching plan created by a survivor provides eight lesson plans you can use to learn more about the Jewish persecution during World War II. In the first lesson plan, it describes how hate was a contributing factor to starting the Holocaust that ended the lives of several Jews. In the second lesson plan, which is divided into two sections, you can read about a survivor’s first-hand experience and how he managed to escape this atrocity. In the next lesson plan, it describes how he felt an obligation to tell his story and help combat discrimination. Reading the other lesson plans provides information on his life after these events ended and how everyone can learn from them.

Videos and Other Supporting Materials Are Available

Besides the lesson plans, you can also utilize a toolbox that provides extra information. Videos and a timeline of events help make the information clearer to understand. If you’d like to utilize these resources and the lesson plans, be sure to visit

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