What to Consider When Developing a Holocaust Curriculum in Las Vegas, NV

When it comes down to it, all students need to be aware of the Holocaust. Teaching Holocaust to high schoolers should be a required part of any curriculum. This will teach students about critical thinking, world issues and societal awareness. In the end, there is a lot that can be learned from the Holocaust. Learn more about how a Holocaust curriculum can enrich the minds of your students.

A Look at Human Nature

The Holocaust provides the opportunity to study the intricacies of human nature. The Holocaust was actually an unprecedented event. It was a government-sponsored attempt to eradicate an entire culture. Thus, it is important that students understand the conditions that allowed this to occur. Only with this understanding will students be able to make positive societal change in the future.

Understanding Genocide

Perhaps one of the most important lessons given by teaching Holocaust to high schoolers is that genocide can be challenged. A nation, or the international community as a whole has the power to stop the occurrence of genocide. It also underlines the societal conditions and government actions that set up an environment where atrocities can occur. Thus, you can truly empower your students by teaching them more about the history of the Holocaust.

Learn to Commemorate

Studying about the Holocaust is not just about learning. It is also a way to commemorate the victims of the event. Students should also be invited to participate in commemoration ceremonies to memorialize the struggle of a marginalized group. Not only does this continue an important tradition, it also establishes a human connection between the material and the real world.

For more information on teaching students about the Holocaust, visit the website of ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum at zachorlearn.org.

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