Having The Right Tools for Teaching About WWII And The Holocaust

When it comes to teaching children about history, there are few more poignant events to describe than teaching them about World War II and the Holocaust. While the events impacted the whole world, it’s essential to personalize the lessons so children can better grasp their significance.

Key Ages for Teaching About The Holocaust

Most children in elementary school are too young to understand or conceptualize events such as the Holocaust. However, as they get to the end of middle school, their reasoning and comprehension skills advance to allow them to understand some of the impacts of World War II and the Holocaust. This is often when schools require book-reading such as “The Diary of Anne Frank.” This begins to help them identify with the victims of World War II and prepares them for more detailed study as they enter high school.

Getting In-Depth Holocaust Education Tools

As children enter high school and college, they are expected to be able to discern and grasp global events and their impact on the world. This is a critical time when educators can teach more in-depth information on timelines, statistics, and World War II. It’s also a time when personal Holocaust survivor stories can play a critical role in their education.

If you are looking for excellent in-depth Holocaust education tools and resources, ZHC is a free resource with interactive teaching tools focusing on the Eastern European section of World War II.

This program was developed by a Holocaust survivor and offers a rare firsthand perspective of this vital time in our history. You can learn more about ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum at www.zachorlearn.org.

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