Ben's A.I. storyfile

Ben's A.I. Storyfile

Instructions For Use:

1. Hold down on your screen/mouse/trackpad while asking your question.
2. Ask any question you’d like.
3. Make sure your question’s transcription is complete before releasing.

Best Practices:

1. Connect to strong wifi.
2. StoryFile is best used on Google Chrome.
3. Wait until the “Loading…” message disappears before asking the question.
4. Enunciate and speak closely to the microphone.
5. Touch anywhere on screen to interrupt the answer.


1. If you’re experiencing issues, try to refresh the page.
2. If the issues persist, feel free to email
3. If you plan on using the technology in a classroom, please be prepared to bypass any firewalls that your school or institution might have.

You can also download the StoryFile iOS mobile app here. Ben Lesser can be found on the Featured page as well as through the search functionality.
Feel free to hyperlink the app to this link: Also, we are not available for iPad at this time.

Common Questions to Ask Ben:

1. Who are you?
2. What is the Holocaust?
3. What camps were you in?
4. What’s your story?
5. How would you describe your childhood?
6. How old were you when the war started?
7. What were you able to take with you when you left Krakow?
8. Where did you live in the ghetto?
9. How did a piece of furniture save your life?
10. What happened after the raid of the ghetto?
11. How did you get out of the ghetto?
12. Where did you go after leaving the ghetto?
13. What happened after you were smuggled out of Poland?
14. What was Jewish life like in the city of Munkatch?
15. How did you end leaving the city of Munkatch?
16. Was your family able to save any valuables from Munkatch?
17. How come you didn’t go into hiding?
18. Did anyone help the Jews?
19. What happened to your shoes when you left Munkatch?
20. What would happen at night in Auschwitz?
21. How long were you in Auschwitz-Birkenau?
22. Did you get tattooed in Auschwitz?
23. How did you leave Auschwitz?
24. What happened to the diamonds?
25. What was your first impression of Durnhau labor camp?
26. Did you ever think about escaping the labor camp?
27. How did you leave Durnhau labor camp?
28. Where were you marching to?
29. Where did you go after Buchenwald concentration camp?
30. Tell me about the day you were liberated?
31. What happened to you after you were liberated and collapsed?
32. What happened when you woke up after liberation?
33. What is a Muselmann?
34. What did you do while you recovered in the hospital?