3 Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust to Students in Las Vegas

The history of the Holocaust is complex. When you decide to add the subject to your curriculum, the students must engage and have the curiosity to explore. Teaching the Holocaust to middle schoolers means having this conversation in a safe environment. Read on to find out the guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust to your students.

Give an Accurate Definition

It helps to start with a definition when teaching the Holocaust to middle schoolers. The definition of the Holocaust lays a foundation for the students to explore history further. It also influences your students and helps them to identify who was involved. This foundation helps the students to determine what the Holocaust was.

This Event Did Not Have to Happen

Many people think when something is documented in books and film that the event had to happen. The Holocaust did not have to happen. Your students need to know that it happened because of decisions made by nations, groups, and individuals. The focus on these decisions leads to understanding human nature and promotes critical thinking.

Be Precise with Language

The conversation about the Holocaust is complex for some people. They make the mistake of generalizing or distorting the facts. You can avoid this by clarifying the information and showing your students how to distinguish. For example, your students should know the difference between killing centers and concentration camps.

If you plan to teach this subject to your students, you should get information from a reliable resource. Contact Zachorlearn.org at www.zachorlearn.org to learn first-hand account for your curriculum.

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