Focusing on Eastern Europe During World War II

One of the forgotten areas of study in our school curriculums is World War II and the Holocaust. That is why having an impactful lesson plan when teaching the Holocaust to middleschoolers is so important.

Focusing on Eastern Europe During World War II

Facts do not teach the underlying causes and passions that gave rise to a militaristic Germany. They do not explain the hatred for entire populations of people. For our future generations to truly learn the cause of the Holocaust they must learn more than just the stats. Understanding the prejudice and hatred that was lying underneath the actions that took place during World War II will help ensure these lessons are never forgotten.

Teaching for All

The Zachor Holocaust curriculum is a free, interactive teaching tool developed for teaching the Holocaust to middleschoolers. This curriculum was created by and for educators, and strives to bring a full comprehensive education to all students.

The Curriculum

There are 8 lesson plans that span from the beginning of the Holocaust to one survivors life after the Holocaust. Using the experiences of Holocaust Survivor Ben Lesser, The Holocaust Curriculum can be a valuable teaching aid for educators.

Sharing Ben’s autobiography, Living a Life that Matters: From Nazi Nightmare to American Dream, the lessons spring to life with firsthand accounts.

Accessing the Lessons

Whether viewed individually or projected for an entire class, the use of videos, puzzle activities, and Ben’s A.I. story file make learning and understanding this pivotal part of our human history intriguing and thought-provoking.

The word Zachor means remember. Holocaust education is devoted to remembering and promoting our shared humanity. For more information about ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum visit them online at

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