Holocaust education is the best way to defeat increasing racism, discrimination and bullying. When we educate people about the Holocaust, we in turn promote tolerance, respect, and diversity. The Holocaust experience reminds us how there can be triumph after tragedy. It also shows us how we can honor our shared humanity, instead of focusing on our differences.

The lessons here will promote reflection about how personal choices, values, and integrity ultimately determine our future.

Our hope is that the ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum serves as a precious gift to your students, allowing them the opportunity to question who they are as individuals, who they can become, and how they can live meaningful lives.


There are several Holocaust teaching sites but the ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum is particularly fascinating because the ramifications and lessons of the Holocaust are taught through the firsthand experience of a survivor.

We understand that educators are limited in how much time they can spend teaching the Holocaust. That’s why the lessons we provide have been truncated to teach the Eastern European portion of WWII. The curriculum includes riveting lessons plans, videos and an interactive timeline.