Don’t Let future generations forget the holocaust in Eastern Europe

We have been told we will only repeat past mistakes if we do not learn the lessons history has to teach us. That is why it is so important that we never forget the Holocaust during World War II, what an impact that terrible moment in time had on the world, and how it has affected generations for the past eight decades. People around the world need to continue to study what happened during the war because of intolerance and prejudice and ensure it never happens again.

Learn from Someone Who was There

The Zachor Holocaust Curriculum was founded by Ben Lesser, a Holocaust survivor. He was liberated from the concentration camp in Dachau in 1945. He soon learned that only one other member of his family survived this tragedy. He went on to America to become a success story. Part of that success is sharing a free curriculum he created by providing his experiences in the first person. It is much more powerful and meaningful to educators and students when they hear firsthand experiences from a Holocaust survivor.

Take Advantage of Free Educational Resources

In a time when budgeting is an issue for so many educators, the Zachor Holocaust Curriculum is free. Students will be able to tap into powerful videos and thought-provoking lesson plans. Most importantly, they will have access to the most valuable resource of all, a survivor. Learn more about the Zachor Holocaust Curriculum by visiting

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