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Teaching Las Vegas Middleschoolers About the Holocaust With This Curriculum

ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum takes Ben Lesser’s account as a survivor of the Holocaust and creates a unique curriculum that examines the decimation of European Jews in World War II. This lesson for teaching Holocaust to middleschoolers includes videos and a historically correct timeline. The immersive nature of these abbreviated lessons hones in on Eastern Europe during World […]

The Important Benefits of Teaching the Holocaust in Nevada Middle School

A child’s education is a vital part of their development. While there are a variety of important topics for children to learn to create well-rounded young adults, one of the key subjects is history. Teaching Children WWII History and the Holocaust Of all U.S. And global historical events that can be essential to teaching youth, […]

How to Teach the Holocaust to Middle School Students

One of the first heavy topics that many students learn about in school is the Holocaust, and teachers often struggle with how to approach this complex and serious part of recent history with their young students. If you’re preparing to take your class on this emotional learning journey, consider these three tips. Provide Historical Context […]

What to Consider When Developing a Holocaust Curriculum in Las Vegas, NV

When it comes down to it, all students need to be aware of the Holocaust. Teaching Holocaust to high schoolers should be a required part of any curriculum. This will teach students about critical thinking, world issues and societal awareness. In the end, there is a lot that can be learned from the Holocaust. Learn […]

Having The Right Tools for Teaching About WWII And The Holocaust

When it comes to teaching children about history, there are few more poignant events to describe than teaching them about World War II and the Holocaust. While the events impacted the whole world, it’s essential to personalize the lessons so children can better grasp their significance. Key Ages for Teaching About The Holocaust Most children […]

3 Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust to Students in Las Vegas

The history of the Holocaust is complex. When you decide to add the subject to your curriculum, the students must engage and have the curiosity to explore. Teaching the Holocaust to middle schoolers means having this conversation in a safe environment. Read on to find out the guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust to your […]

Top Reasons Why You Need a Formal Teaching Plan About the Holocaust

While it is true that all aspects of history should be talked about and discussed in educational settings, it is also true that some subjects should take precedence over others. This is why it is important to have a Holocaust teaching plan in place. There are many reasons why this is so. You Can Be […]

Use a Holocaust Teaching Plan To Combat Racism and Discrimination

Having the freedom to choose your religion should not be taken for granted. Unfortunately, there are individuals in the world who practice racism, bullying and discrimination against you if you believe a specific way. This problem was highlighted during World War II when the Jews were persecuted. Understanding more about this problem can be done […]

Why Holocaust Education Promotes Tolerance and Democracy in Today’s Society

The Holocaust, or Shoah in Hebrew, is the most extensively documented genocide of its kind. In an attempt to prevent the massacre of another group, Holocaust education has become a common part of the school curriculum. Holocaust education is not limited to one exam question- it lasts an entire semester and can be taught in […]

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