Living A Life That Matters:
From Nazi Nightmare to American Dream

All of ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum’s lessons are derived from the first-hand experiences of Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser. After spending 15 years devoting his time to speaking in schools and colleges about the Holocaust, Ben wrote his memoir Living A Life That Matters: From Nazi Nightmare to American Dream. His engaging, inspiring, and enlightening biography was written to accompany Holocaust studies and curriculums, and is now widely read, sold and utilized in educational programs all over the world. Lesser’s extraordinary survival story takes us from the ordinary beginnings of a young Polish teenager – through living in ghettos, enduring four concentrations camps – including Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dachau – two death marches, and two death trains. After liberation from Dachau, the Holocaust survivor slowly healed, eventually recovering physically from his near-death experience. At age 18- penniless, uneducated, and unable to speak English – Lesser made his way to the USA and succeeded in living the American Dream.

This unforgettable story of courage, determination and achievement is available in audiobook, e-book, paperback and hard cover.


It All Started With A Pin

In 1995, Ben Lesser started sharing his story with the public. Then, in 2008, Ben was given a tiny lapel pin from a Holocaust Survivors group with the Hebrew letters of the word ZACHOR: Remember. This pin was affixed to his jacket, and when people asked him what it meant, Ben would explain the meaning of the pin and hand them one so they too, could remember, and share his story. Within months, Lesser handed out more than 1,000 pins. Everyone who listened to Ben speak at schools and other places were wearing them. Today, the number of “ZACHOR” pins distributed has reached over 700,000!

If you would like to purchase your own “ZACHOR” pin to wear, or order a set to distribute to your class, please click HERE.