Ben Lesser is an accomplished public speaker and successful entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to ensuring that Holocaust education perseveres. His highly acclaimed memoir “Living a Life That Matters: From Nazi Nightmare to American Dream” traces Ben’s journey from young Jewish boy in pre-war Poland, through the 1939 German invasion, and the horrors of the Holocaust. Ben’s story follows his liberation from the Dachau concentration camp in 1945, the reunion with his only surviving family member – to his triumph in building a new home, joyous life and prosperous career in the United States.

Lesser has created a curriculum to support and further Holocaust education through an impactful first-person narrative. His autobiography has been used all over the world by many educators and their students. His lessons offer a multiple platform experience that provide the perspective and tools needed to support future generations in building a better future – even in the aftermath of tragedy.


Ben Lesser is such a wonder at 93 years young! His historical eye-witness accounts are beyond educational – it is meaningful. Although he loves to travel for live speaking engagements, he is also available via virtual ZOOM to share his story. If you would like Ben to visit your class / school, or group event, please click here.