Why Holocaust Education Promotes Tolerance and Democracy in Today’s Society

The Holocaust, or Shoah in Hebrew, is the most extensively documented genocide of its kind. In an attempt to prevent the massacre of another group, Holocaust education has become a common part of the school curriculum.

Holocaust education is not limited to one exam question- it lasts an entire semester and can be taught in all disciplines: History, art, music, and many others. Keeping up with current events and teaching about Holocaust awareness are also big parts of ensuring we become tolerant of one another to avoid what happened from repeating.

Holocaust education is necessary for remembrance, awareness, and historical integrity. Teaching about the Holocaust provides a valuable opportunity for empathy and understanding. It has also been shown to increase tolerance among students and decrease prejudice against minority groups. Therefore, schools that strive to produce principled and democratic citizens, should use the Holocaust as a moral guidepost in pointing out when and how society has failed to live up to its own ideals.

In addition, teaching about the Holocaust helps in understanding the correct definition of courage, justice, truth, and loyalty. Plus, it teaches learners how hatred can destroy perpetrators and victims at the same time. Because these are among the common issues affecting societal well-being, teachers should pass down the education from generation to generation.

At ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum, we believe that teaching about the Holocaust is one of the greatest ways to promote tolerance and democracy in today’s society. Contact us today to get free resources and interactive holocaust teaching tools or visit https://zachorlearn.org.

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