Sensitive Curriculum for Teaching the Holocaust to Middle School Students

In the United States, most student begin learning about the events that took place during the Holocaust in middle school. Teaching about these topics requires a high level of sensitivity and awareness, especially when first introducing the subject to children. A sensitive yet thorough curriculum for teaching the Holocaust to middle schoolers is available to help educate young students about this terrible time in European history.

A Story of Strength and Courage

Teaching Holocaust to middle schoolers should not only address some of the atrocities committed but can also be shown as a true story of the strength and courage shown by those who were persecuted. It’s also important to focus on what steps we can take to make the world a more tolerant place and prevent events like this from ever happening again.

Age Considerations

Middle school students are typically in the age range of 11 to 14. While these materials must be taught in a delicate manner, children begin to be able to empathize from the firsthand stories they are taught. Many of the accounts of the Holocaust used now came from survivors who experienced these events at around the same age, Ben Lesser was only 13 years old when he was first forced to flee his home.

By teaching the Holocaust to students now it provides the opportunity to still have the chance to talk about the subject with their great-grand parents or a survivor. Learning the events directly from someone who experienced them helps leave a lasting and impactful message with the students.

Educational Materials

Educational materials have been developed by a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. Teachers at public and private schools, as well as parents who homeschool their children, can use the ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum at

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