The Importance of Teaching the Events of the Holocaust in High School.

Teaching kids about important events in history is essential to help them better understand the world today. While there are many important moments in world history, one of the most pivotal in modern history is World War II and the resulting Holocaust against European Jews.

High school and world history.

As students enter high school, their minds are better capable of grappling with the heavier issues of life and historical events. It is an important and formative time for students as they begin to see that there is a direct link between certain global historical events and the present state of the world. Holocaust education can play a pivotal role in getting teens ready to embrace adulthood and expand their minds toward global cultural and political relations. It also helps them have a greater understanding of the effects of war and unchecked power.

How to present Holocaust education to High school kids.

Often the best approach to teaching about the events of the Holocaust and World War II is through connecting abstract distant events of the past with real-life tangible stories from Holocaust survivors to give them emotional and personal relevance. This can be essential in helping to personalize these tragic events and how they impacted people’s lives.

If you are looking for a great source to teach about the Holocaust in a personalized way, the ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum uses the first-hand experiences of Holocaust Survivor Ben Lesser. They offer an array of free resources and interactive teaching tools focusing on the genocide of the European Jews during World War II.

You can learn more about this free teaching resource at

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