Using Firsthand Holocaust Learning Tools for Middle Schoolers

Of all the academic years in a child’s life, one of the most transformative is the middle school years. This is because children in middle school have left their elementary school life behind where their focus was on educational basics, expression, communication, and social skill-building.

The Importance of Substantive Teaching in Middle School

When a child enters middle school, they begin to learn vital critical thinking tasks. This is when they start to learn about difficult events in the world and reflect on their importance. This includes both current events and historical events as well as science. The lessons taught during these critical formative years are the building blocks to how they interact with the world around them as they grow into adulthood.

Teaching Holocaust to Middle schoolers

As middle schoolers begin to learn about American history in the last century, WWII and the Holocaust often become themes. These lessons are vital as they understand the tangible aspects of war and catastrophic events such as the Holocaust.

One of the best ways of helping middle schoolers with the learning process of the Holocaust and WWII is through first-hand accounts. These learning platforms allow children to have a more personalized interaction that will significantly impact their ability to comprehend the events during this time and other catastrophes.

If you are looking for the best tools for teaching Holocaust to middleschoolers, the Zachor Foundation, founded by Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser offers educators a wide variety of free tools that can be especially meaningful and informative. You can learn more about them at

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