Teaching Las Vegas Middleschoolers About the Holocaust With This Curriculum

ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum takes Ben Lesser’s account as a survivor of the Holocaust and creates a unique curriculum that examines the decimation of European Jews in World War II. This lesson for teaching Holocaust to middleschoolers includes videos and a historically correct timeline. The immersive nature of these abbreviated lessons hones in on Eastern Europe during World War II.ZHC shares a survivor’s view of learning from this period in history.

ZHC brings the experiences of the Holocaust to students in a way that encourages awareness of this historical time while meeting state and national curriculum needs. The interactive lesson plans use first hand experiences with written and visual learning resources.

This curriculum honors the memory of those whose lives were shattered by the Holocaust by presenting it to today’s students.

When teaching Holocaust to middleschoolers, educators can use the ZHC curriculum to help create a comprehensive and impactful lesson plan.

Ben created this curriculum to share his story with educators, giving them a unique perspective of the events that took place to use to teach their students. Seven engaging lessons utilize recorded material, pertinent details,  photos, and videos.

There are thought-provoking class activities at the end of each unit with website links, and other materials are available for further thought-provoking assignments. The lessons in this course can be done on an individual or group basis.

We hope Ben’s lessons are an inspiration to the next generations to learn from the past and not repeat it. If you would like more information, please contact zachorlearn.org

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